Beginner projects for your first hand dyed yarn

Have you ever drooled over gorgeous hand dyed yarns but hesitated to buy because you didn’t know what to knit with it? Maybe you just started knitting and don’t want to use expensive yarns until you’re an “expert”.

To that, I say “pfft”!

There are no experts and you can use hand dyed yarns as a beginner! Sure, there are knitters who have been around the block a few more times than most of us and seem to have a natural knack for it. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t indulge in gorgeous luxury yarns!

I’ve gathered some patterns that are just perfect for you if you’re a beginner knitter and want to use a newly acquired hand dyed yarn. Enjoy!

Unlock you inner Hipster with this fun shawl knit in worsted weight yarn so it will go quickly!

A hat is the perfect project to work on when you are first buying hand dyed yarn as it only takes one precious skein. This project will be a gateway project to many more to come.

Wanting to get your feet wet with shawl knitting? Or maybe you love how shawls look but styling them is a pain? With this cowl you will get the best of both!

Did you pick a yarn that is just packed with color? Now you are not sure what to knit with it. Pick a simple project that is going to let those colors shine!

Here is one more great pattern for those beautiful speckled and variegated yarns. Also this is a great pattern to introduce you to some lace work in case that is something new for you too!

I hope you found a new project that you can’t wait to cast on! And maybe I convinced you that you DO deserve to knit with luxurious yarns? Just like the rest of us!¬†

Peace love + fiber,

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