Our Team

Melanie C.

Melanie is the HBIC around here and dyer behind the yarns. What makes her a Baad Mom? She has no filter, sometimes she lets them eat fruity loops for dinner, she listens to music they probably shouldn’t be listening to … and the list goes on. She started dyeing over 10 years ago but just recently had the courage to start a business. Dyeing yarn has changed her life – and she hopes that by practicing her art, she can help inspire others.


Tiffany is a Brand Ambassador in the Mid Atlantic region. She’s a mom of one and loves to knit and sew! An arborist by day and a mom of a teen and BMY promoter by night, she’s one busy lady.  


Becca is our second Brand Ambassador for the Mid Atlantic region. A self-described sarcastic hippie, she’s a wife, mom of four, animal lover … and still manages to find time to knit, crochet, and spin!

Melanie D.

Melanie D. is our Brand Ambassador working in the Northeast area and is a yarn enthusiast who dabbles in both crochet and knitting design. Based in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, she loves exploring and participating in the local fiber arts scene. Originally from Michigan, Melanie studied Anthropology at USF before moving back north. She decided to peruse fiber arts full time when her now nearly three year old assistant came along. This past fall she was one of the Craft Yarn Council’s Humans That Yarn featured yarnists. You can check out her work on Instagram @countingcrafty and peruse her free patterns and musings on art and creativity over on her blog www.CountingCraftySheep.com