The Baad Mom Yarns Story

Motherhood. Some say it’s the most important job in the world. I say that, in addition to being important, it’s difficult. And fun. And challenging. And rewarding.

Being a single mom of SIX is all of that. Actually, seven if you count this ever-growing business of mine. But why should you buy yarn from ME, of all people?

Well, because I’m awesome! I’m kidding…I’m probably my harshest critic. I created Baad Mom Yarns because this motherhood gig is hard, yo! Susie sends her kid to school every day with a carefully planned bento box for lunch. Karen happily drives her kids to and from their 400 after school activities, singing along to the latest teen pop hit. Laura is president of the PTA and prides herself in raising thousands of dollars for the school each month.

And then there’s you and me. We send our kid to school with a $5 bill for lunch and bitch every time we have to drive them to soccer practice. And the PTA?? Fuggidaboudit. Who needs all that aggravation?? Does that make us bad moms? NO! We love our children just as much as the next mother. We just like our wine and quiet time with our latest project. And we punctuate what we say with sentence enhancers (aka we curse like sailors).

I created Baad Mom Yarns for those moms who crave a community of like-minded fiber-loving moms to commiserate AND share the joys with. Stick around – I think you’ll find this is a place where YOU can find your own voice.

Do you believe in the power of yarn to transform lives? Maybe it sounds a little bit “woo woo” to say it, but I do. Dyeing yarn has changed my life – and I hope that by practicing my art, I can help inspire others.

You see, there was a time in my life when I felt like I couldn’t use my voice; dyeing yarn gave me my voice. I was able to express myself however I wanted and people liked it! I’ve been pushing those boundaries ever since, finding my voice again and again with each new colorway. I hope that knitting and crocheting with these yarns gives you the same feelings of confidence and empowerment.

Not a mom in the technical sense? That’s ok! It takes a village to raise a child and we welcome everyone who has a child in their life that is special to them, even if you didn’t push them out of your nether region.

So go ahead – grab a skein of your favorite colorway and cast on something rebellious. Something frivolous. Something that’s just for YOU.

Wanna share your voice with other like-minded “baad moms” too? Click here to join our Facebook group! I hope to see you around soon.

Peace love and yarn,